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Married Into Crazy®

Relationship coaching for more love, more laughter, and more passion. We’ve vowed to help a million couples positively transform their marriages.


  • The founder of Married Into Crazy
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  • Certified Marriage Coaches vowed to help over 1,000,000 couples.

Meet Snooks and Lovey…

We met on a blind date, and when we got engaged, my heart was pierced! Not by cupid’s arrow, but by an old steak knife wielded by Snooks’ enraged ex-boyfriend. After two successful open-heart surgeries (one to save my life, and the other to sew the hole the knife made on the back of my heart) I can honestly say my heart is all hers.

We’ve Been Through A Lot…

We, as a couple, have done it all, seen it all, and most importantly… overcome it all! From a knife wielding ex-boyfriend, to finger pointing, family drama, and boycotting our wedding… we came to grips with the fact that we “Married into Crazy!”

Thanks to God, a whole lot of humility, and a ton of personal growth, we accepted that we "Married Into Crazy®" and vowed to help a million couples navigate this minefield called marriage.

(CRAZY = Compassionate, Real, Accountable, Zealous, Yielding.)

Snooks and Lovey 

Married Into Crazy Podcast!

We’ve vowed to help over 1,000,000 couples…

  • Reignite the passion in their marriage or relationship.
There’s so much love and understanding in the act of two people coming together to build a strong relationship. But let’s go back a bit – who were you two when you first met, who were you when you committed to each other, and who do you have to be right now so you can honor your commitments and ignite a passion in your marriage so strong that it feels like the moment you said: “I do.”
  • Strengthen the unbreakable bond they have with their partner.
…all while having a ton of fun! Nothing is more wholesome than bonding with your partner over your mutual desire to be happy and successful together so you can build the future you both know you deserve.
  • Become clear on the life they’re aspiring to…together.
What’s your end destination – as a couple and as individuals? How do we bring these two things together to help you build a mutual future that’s all about growing together and loving each other on the way to success in your lives and relationship?

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Marriage Coaching

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Marriage Coaching is a relationship based approach to counseling that helps premarital and married couples navigate potential or frequent struggles within their relationships. Having an outside coach provide an expert “third-person“ perspective can be empowering and provide life-changing insights for a relationship.

Raise The B.A.R. 

Make Your Marriage Stronger, Happier,And More Intimate Than It Has Ever Been.
We Created The “Raising The B.A.R.” 18-Part Video Training! This video training series will help you apply the relationship success formula we’ve used to help couples in 33 countries around the world!

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will positively transform you and your significant other...and turn you into the power couple you truly are?

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Gear for folks that are crazy for each other…
We’re a Veteran Owned Business on a journey to help all couples by sharing our knowledge and experiences from being Married Into Crazy®. We’ve captured the hearts (and ears) of countless couples around the world with our podcast. We think you deserve some gear that lets the world know how C.R.A.Z.Y. your marriage is, too! (Compassionate, Real, Accountable, Zealous, Yielding)

Relationship Audit eBook

Take a ‘relationship audit’ to give marriage a check-up.
Taking a relationship audit may sound scary but sitting down and reflecting on how things are going is a habit of healthy relationships.

A ‘relationship audit’ is a regular check-up on the mechanics of your partnership and whether things are running as smoothly as they could.

Book Ernie & Ronna As Speakers!

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Ernie & Ronna weave their personal experiences with their Gottman Method Couples Therapy training and Extreme Execution Coaching Certification to help new and old couples alike. Snooks and Lovey are also co-moderators of Dr. Eric Thomas' "Thank God I'm Married" Marriage Community and can bring lots of value to your marriage community.     

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"As Iron Sharpens Iron, We as Couples Sharpen Each Other." The premise of this group is based on Proverbs 27:17. Married Couples have challenges just like everyone else, but our Covenant requires us to actively seek solutions from those that have been through the storms and succeeded. Let's use our collective experiences to lift each other up for the sanctity of Amazing, Healthy Marriages.

The Marriage 911 Webinar

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Learn how we’ve helped save countless marriages throughout our 20 years of working as marriage coaches. Reignite the passion in your marriage, foster companionship and understanding, and save your marriage and build a happier future together.
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